3D Stone Vein Match , Like no Other !

MATCH is a software for Stone Vein Match. Make nested slabs from DXF files . Create 3D environments from DXF and export the final nested layout for CNC machines . A final PDF report is made automatically for production and installation.

3D Panels Vein MATCH - NEW

Add 3D panels to the MATCH so you can even be more creative! Import models made in other Softwares like Sketchup or 3D studio max .

Perfect Layout in Time !

Make nested slabs and prepare a ready DXF file for the CNC machine . A complete and detailed PDF is generated after the project approved .

Game changer !

MATCH became a game changer for the market . It´s the only Software in the stone industry able to be a work tool for nesting and 3D presentation in real time, with an impressive reality and quality . The developed software offers flexibility to position the nested pieces everywhere in a 3D space .

FUSION DRIVE ! all connected

FUSION DRIVE ! All informations connected DXF files, projects, templating, PDF´s and much more

Ready for any CAD CAM software !

The MATCH software create and prepare a DXF file with nested parts in order that can be read for any CAD CAM software .

Stunning 3D presentations !

Stunning presentations can be made in real time . The developed graphic software made by the MATCH team , is unique and powerful .

3D models store

Add easily 3D models to your environments . Customize each project with amazing 3D models , so your customer can understand better the final result .