IRÍS S16 - Scan slabs with stunning quality

Capture is a developed software to scan stone slabs in high resolution . 16K is available for the model IRÍS V2.3 with more than 16.000.000 Px , Capture can scan a full slab in 16 seconds .

OS Interface

The Capture is the Operative system for the Scanner IRÍS . All slabs are acurated measured and back ground cropped . The scanned information is saved in a Open data base so customers can use data to link to their website or management software .


The new Capture OS , can capture images up to 16K . Imerge now in the smallest details of the amazing colors that nature bring us in the stone world

Fusion AIR , Like no Other !

FUSION AIR is a App available for IOS , to work with the Scanner IRÍS . Edit the scanned photos and remark them when you need , where you need !

Trillion of colourful pixels

Amazing true colors and detailed sharpness will be part of your work now with the scanner IRÍS

Welcome Iris S10 - 10K Resolution

The most affordable scanner for the stone business is now arrived . Developed for accurate photos the Scanner Iris S10 bring 10K resolution photos . High definition is now near of all the stone factories